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Take advantage of this great opportunity and enjoy an extremely rewarding and enlightening lifetime experience this holiday by enrolling for Knowledgeware's Special Summer IT Training programme designed for secondary school students and undergraduates in Nigeria.

Come join us today and learn easy ways to design and develop simple websites, computer games, animations, simple calculators and highly interactive mobile applications. Also learn how to design colourful fliers and magazines, how to effectively carry out researches online via google and other search engines, effective usage of social media for academic and career excellence and lots more.


The Beginner Programme
This is designed for Senior Secondary School Students(ss1 - ss3).Students in this category are taught basic concept in computer programming (web and mobile), graphics design, computer appreciation, effective usage of social media, search engines etc.
The Intermediate Programme
The Intermediate programme is designed for Post-Secondary School students and under-graduates. Students in this category will be taught basic to advancd concepts in the computer programming(web & mobile),


Learn the pros and cons associated with social media and how effectively social media can be used for academic and career excellence.

Understand basic programming concepts required to develop exceptional web and desktop solutions (HTML, CSS, SCRATCH, php, Java etc.)

Understand basic programming concepts needed to develop top-notch, user-friendly mobile applications for Android devices.

Introduction to Microsoft access, basic SQL and other query languages.