Knowledgeware Summer IT Training is an 8-week long special summer training programme designed to develop and equip Senior / Post Secondary School students and Undergraduates in Nigeria with basic software programming and other relevant IT skills needed to excel in today's fast growing and rapidly evolving digital world.

At Knowledgeware Technologies, we remain committed to providing students with an interesting and priceless learning experience which we believe strongly will remain valuable for a long time. In addition to the trainings, seasoned professionals from different works of life have been invited and will be on ground to share their experiences of success overtime and serve as worthy role models to students throughout the duration of the training programme.

We encourage students to grab this golden opportunity and are pleased to welcome all students on board as we promise to make your entire summer time with us worthwhile.


Our goal is to nurture and empower the younger generation comprising of Senior Secondary School Students and Undergraduates by exposing them to modern trends, skills and information relevant in today’s ICT world; this we believe can only be achieved by promoting a learning atmosphere and experience that is fun, engaging and highly interactive.

In addition to the technical knowledge and experiences gathered, students will also be placed under the tutelage and guidance of mentors who have been saddled with the responsibility of imbibing the culture of discipline and handwork both of which are important ingredients for success in life.